About Definitive Air and Refrigeration

About Us:

"I have a simple rule, complete all jobs thoroughly. We will be sure your
air conditioning and refrigeration equipment gets the individual attention
and care it needs and deserves. You can rest assured that if I work on
something, it's going to get fixed."

Gregory Spears - Owner/Operator

EPA Safety:

We are fully EPA certified and take pride in being environmentally friendly.
We all want our children and all future generations to have clean air to breath.


We take pride in being a Registered Contractor with the state of Florida. Beware of unlicensed contractors.
Unlicensed HVAC activity is a serious threat to the health, safety, and welfare of Florida residents and visitors.
Please feel free to verify our license or verify the license status of your current contractor at:


We follow safe practices to protect your property, employees, and our workers.
However even with the safest worker, accidents will happen.
Definitive Air and Refrigeration is fully insured and bonded to protect you in the
event anything does happen.